All Trades Services


All Trades Service is a local contractor specializing in institutional and industrial construction in existing facilities throughout southeastern Minnesota. Our team understands the importance of safety, schedule, and minimal disruption to your operations from the construction zone in your facility, as we work to complete your project on schedule and on budget.

Our experienced preconstruction team provides your production and engineering management with machinery and construction cost budgeting, value engineering, and additional preconstruction services including BIM as needed.

Industrial Construction

ATS understands the unique jobsite complexities of industrial facilities. Industry challenges such as site security and information sensitivity, safety and cleanliness in the work area, and other specific local facility needs are our specialty.

Our skilled employees self-perform machinery moving, millwright work, as well as concrete and steel construction. Our flexible work hours allow us to take maximum advantage of production and equipment shut downs and other down times.

Institutional Construction

When working in institutional construction, we work closely with your employees and operations to address potential health issues, contact with customers and the public, and other critical issues that impact the success of your project. 

In order to control project schedules, budgets, and safety in the construction zone, ATS employees are specifically trained in the areas of work typically required in your facility. We can adapt our work hours as needed to work around facility operations.

Construction zone planning and communication is of utmost importance for ATS, and we routinely hold progress meetings as well as ongoing construction zone safety meetings and inspections.  We ensure that the priorities of your local facility come first.

ATS services within a 60 mile radius of Winona, MN. Our construction team is typically comprised of experienced supervisors, a multi-skill direct hire local workforce, and local suppliers and subcontractors.

Our focus is the construction zone in your facility. We are with you every step of the way with extensive preconstruction planning and coordination to ensure that construction zone activities do not interfere with facility operations. A successful project for our team is one that provides our customers with a cost competitive price and is completed safely and on schedule.